Revival is not about how many people you pack into a church building, but how effectively you impact the community around you. So how do you change a city that has been influenced by every form of crime, drugs, violence, and sexual perversion? The answer: Adopt-a-Block.

The Adopt-a-Block program is God’s heart expressed through our lives to the community God has given us. It’s not only a ministry, but also the foundation that has helped build the Dream Center to what it currently is today. It is the eyes and ears in the community to find the hurts and needs of the people God has called us to serve. Once we are able to correctly identify the needs of the people, we have the ability to build ministries that are relevant, effective, and have the potential to be long lasting.

Adopt-a-Block allows us to minister to approximately 350 people each Saturday morning in Tyler. More importantly, many of those people have come to accept Christ as a result of the Adopt-a-Block program at the Dream Center, while others continue to be regular members of our church.

Adopt-a-Block has done everything from double the size of our church to give our church the voice it needs to influence our community.

Our Vision – Our vision is to become one of the loudest voices in the city of Tyler. We want to make a difference in the lives of people living in our city. We want to show them the love of Christ by building relationships with them and finding ways to meet their needs. We want them to eventually attend one of our services in order to hear our Pastor deliver God’s Word. We want them to understand that God has a purpose and a plan for their lives—that they can be different. Finally, we want to teach other people how to fulfill the Great Commission by impacting strategic areas of their city through building relationships with people using two simple ingredients: consistency and servant hood.

Our Mission – To make Tyler a better place to live.