Church of Living Hope is a church built on the ministry of the HOPE groups. These groups are our life-sustaining system.

The human body is made up of millions of cells, each cell doing its part to bring life to the entire body. Normal, healthy cells grow to a point of multiplying. Each cell has within its makeup everything that is needed for healthy growth to take place.

The same is true for small groups within the church. Each group (cell) contributes to the building up of the body in life. HOPE groups grow to a consistent number of about 15 members and then multiply into two groups.

Each group has within its members everything that is necessary for healthy growth to occur; namely Jesus Christ in the life of each person, and His presence in the midst of the believers. Matthew 18:20 says,

For where two or three have gathered in My name, there I am in their midst.

Everything that a traditional church does through its many programs, a cell-based church can do through the ministry of its small groups. Edification, evangelism, and discipleship are the primary purposes of the HOPE groups as the Spirit of God moves among the community of believers. Bible study, worship, prayer, communion, baptism, outreach, giving, service, equipping, gifting, and more are all realized through the ministry of the HOPE Groups.

Each member plays a vital role in the life of the group. Each HOPE group meets on a weekly basis and gathers with the other groups on Sundays for a corporate celebration.

The best way to learn more about Church of Living Hope is to:

  1. Visit a HOPE Group. Check out for yourself how exciting it is to be a member of the team. Come and see!
  2. Come back the next week. Pray about committing yourself to a particular HOPE Group. Communicate with the coordinator your desire to be involved in the HOPE Group.
  3. Come to an CLH Sunday celebration and meet members of other HOPE Groups.